This article describes how to update the firmware of your device to a user downloaded firmware update file. If this is supported for your model, then the latest firmware update can be found on the product page.


Note: The webpage might not look identical between different products, but the functionality should be the same. 


Open the device webpage

Please see How to Access the Device Webpage for detailed instructions.


Press the update button



The device will now reboot into upgrade mode. You should see the following page for around 10 seconds while it is rebooting.


The webpage will refresh and allow you to upload a firmware file.

Choose the newest firmware file for your device and click Update


A confirmation page will show up where you can see the version number of the current and new software.

Click OK to start the update process


The firmware update has now started and you will see the progress on the webpage.

After the progress reaches 100% the device will reboot and the update process is completed.



Issue: The webpage shows "Updating host image and rebooting to Application" but the screen on the device has frozen or only showing the Hegel logo.

Fix: Reboot the device.
Important: Never reboot the amplifier while an upgrade is in progress.